Wait. Good stress? Really?

Yes. Stress is a good thing. There, we said it. While stress is often talked about because of the many negative symptoms that are associated with too much stress, our level of stress, and the way our body reacts to it, actually sits on a spectrum. On one side of the spectrum, too little stress can leave you feeling lethargic and apathetic. On the other side, you have too much stress and can experience hypertension and anxiety. But, just the right amount of stress helps us perform at our best. This short-term stress can be very motivational. It engages our natural and beneficial fight-or-flight response, which has been shown to enhance learning and brain function.

Stressballs™ was designed to help you manage your stress, not just get rid of it. Whether you’re getting ready for an important meeting, planning an outing with your friends, studying for finals, or you’re just trying to deal with your kids’ crazy after school schedules, we want you to feel ready to tackle your day. Ashwagandha, one of the key ingredients in our natural herbal blends, is an adaptogen, which can help you de-stress*. We know that, so we’ve included Ashwagandha in all our products.

Try Stressballs the next time you feel some good ole’ stress management is just what you need.